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Assorted Pack of 5 Teas

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Do you love to try new things in a small dose first before going all crazy on it? We get you. :)

We offer you a selection of sample packs which you can order and taste our wide range of teas and then you can come back to order the ones you loved most.

All the sample packs can make 10 cups or more, enough to make you fall in love with our teas.

Chai Pack: Indian Masala Tea, Ginger Cardamom Tea, Bay leaf Masala Tea, Bombay Cutting Tea & Special Masala Chai (Recommended: With Milk) 45g each 

Leaf Tea Pack: Jasmine Green Tea, Oolong Rose Tea, Peppermint Lemon Tea, Cinnamon Black Tea & Rose White Tea (Recommended: Without Milk) 20g each

Flower Tea Pack 100% Herbal: Hibiscus Tea, Rose Tea, Jasmine Tea, Chamomile Tea & Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (Blue Tea) (Recommended: Without Milk) 15g to 20g each


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