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World Of Chai is India's 1st personalised Tea shop. Where you can make to your taste, your kind of tea with unlimited combinations. 

Indian spices and herbs are the gems of Indian history and culture. Every household has a recipe to use it for a healthy lifestyle and to fight various diseases. And of course to make food and beverages delicious.

So is the case for "Chai". Where every Indian Mom have their own recipe for chai masala which elevates the flavour of Chai to another level. 

We want to bring all those infinite combinations to your doorstep. 

"Maa ke haath ka sawad" in every sip
Indian Assam Tea, Spices and Herbs


 Our little story

This story starts with a guy who was intrigued every morning, late morning, afternoon, evening, late evening and almost all the time at home by the noise of ginger and Indian spices being hand ground in an Okhli (traditional masher). The aroma of the masala with tea was always transcending.

Everyone swears by the cup of good tea in Indian, its a ritual no one can deny.

Then he went away to study, but in college canteen, again he found, if not the taste the same joy of drinking tea with friends.

He got the job and started observing the world. With different people, profiles and experiences, one thing remained constant, the company of his handmade tea. 

His love and admiration for tea grew. And he started making his own house blends (he started mixing different teas). Unknown to the fact that teas from the different garden are mixed to get the desired taste and flavor. And tea blenders are highly paid for the proportionate blend. 

Then this girl came to his life who had never sipped tea in her entire life but saw this guy passionate about tea. She knew how to cook with Indian spices and had seen her mother playing with spices with a pinch.

So, the blend was perfect now! TEA + SPICES = Key to the heart

And thereby came the idea to share the blends and make the art of tea making special each day. They travel together to different states in India as well as different countries (30 and counting) to experience the culture of tea and get the World of Chai to every home.

So, with the constant Mom's milk masala tea. Adding more unique blends to your household.

We at World of Chai bring you the perfected blends from the famous Assam, Darjeeling & Nilgiri tea estates. Along with the heaven of Indian spices from its places of origin to your doorstep.

Make your blends, and feel special. 

Your partners in this journey :) 

Naina Chitlangia

Ek cup chai ho Jaye!