Masala Green Tea with Turmeric and Tulsi

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An All-Star Blend of Aroma & Flavor

Our expert tea blenders had a Eureka Moment and created this amazing All Spice (Masala) Green Tea. We are waiting to hear from you "God Bless the Tea Blender".

Spice sourced from the place of origin and Green Tea from Darjeeling and Nilgiri tea gardens.

Recommended: Without Milk

Ingredients: Green Leaf Tea with Adrak(Ginger), Haldi (Turmeric), Ajwain(Bishops weed), Ashwagandha, Chakra Phool(Star Anise), Dalchini(Cinnamon), Elaichi(Cardamom), Gulab(Rose), Kalimirch(Black Pepper), Lemongrass, Pudhina(Peppermint), Saunf(Fennel) and Tulsi

  • No added flavors or preservatives used
  • We use all-natural ingredients 

Nt. wt. 100 g

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