Strong Assam Tea - Add unlimited spices and herbs

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Kadak and Stronger as it gets.

This is your chai base if your best cup of chai has always been at a roadside thela, and you always wished to make it at home.

Recommended: With Milk 

 Nt. wt. 360g

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Spices and Herbs Rack

Sourced from: South India Ginger Rhizome: Improve stomach performance, Reduce inflammation, Fight respiratory problems, Improve blood circulation, Relieve menstrual discomfort, Strengthen immunity, Relieve stress

Sourced from Madhya Pradesh Ashwagandha : Great energiser, improves stomach, Helps in making menses regular, cardiac stimulant

Treats cough, good digestive, helps in getting rid of gas.

Astringent, aphrodisiac, , assisting in digestion, getting rid of gas, treats cough, reduces fever

Sourced from South Indian Great stimulant to heart, improves physical strength and good health, good digestive, helps in getting rid of gas, treats cough

Improves digestion system, keeps the body healthy by detoxifying

Astringent, sweet, aphrodisiac, anti inflammatory, pain reliever, digestive, treats cough, reduce the severity of epileptic fits, antiseptic

Sourced from South India Helps in getting rid of gas, digestive, mensuration pains and spasm, used in fever, asthma, cough, arthritis.

Sourced from Kashmir Great energiser, makes you feel strong and revitalized, assist in digestion, aphrodisiac, pain reliever, helps in mensuration pains and spasm, used in bronchitis, fever, epilepsy, skin diseases, decolouration of skin.

Sourced from South India Promotes the digestion of food, great energiser, for any body spasm, antibacterial, treats cough, aphrodisiac, helps in anger control.

Good for Digestion, Full of antioxidants, Boosts Metabolism and Burns Fat, Relieves menstrual pain, Heals Cold and Flu

Sourced from Madhya Pradesh Benefits the respiratory system, stress relief, fresh breath, helps in digestion

Great stimulant, relieves from gas, assists digestion, good for heart

Helps in reducing in severe pain, diarrhoea & digestion.

Assisting in digestion, helps in treating cough, reducing fever, getting rid of gas, antidepressant, relieving inflammation and irritation in skin diseases, asthma, opthalmia.

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