Indian Masala Chai Premium Assam Tea with Tulsi

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An exceptional blend of herbs and spices in one cup of tea

It's a special treat for every Indian to get a good masala chai. We are waiting to hear from you "God bless the tea blender".

Ingredients: everything and beyond in the spice rack

Spice sourced from the place of origin

Recommended: With Milk

Ingredients: Adrak(Ginger), Ashwagandha, Chakra Phool(Star anise),  Dalchini(Cinnamon), Elaichi(Cardamom), Gulab(Rose), Kalimirch(Black pepper), Kesar(Saffron), Laung(Cloves), Lemongrass, Pudhina(Peppermint), Saunf(Fennel), Tulsi(Holy Basil) and Premium Assam CTC Tea

No added flavors or preservatives used. We use all-natural ingredients. 

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